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Fukuoka Acros Centre - 25th Anniversary

2020, August


Compasso d’Oro Award for the International Career

2020, September the 10th


Emilio Ambasz Research Institute at MoMA 

2020, November the 17th


The italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 

2021, May the 25th


Honorary Degree from The University of Bologna 

2021, June the 25th


The Seal of the Arts - Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino 

2021, October the 20th


The Fables of Ambasz - La Repubblica
2022, February the 21st


The Consortium of Sustainable Urbanization (NY) - Award to Emilio Ambasz 

2023, March the 23th


Kassler Lecture - Ecological Architecture at Princeton University 

2023, April the 20th


A green architecture pioneer - New York Times
2023, May the 7th


Interview with Emilio Ambasz - Interni Magazine
2023, September the 6th


In/Arch Veneto - Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 

2023, September the 15th


Emerging Ecologies (MoMA) curated by Emilio Ambasz Institute 

2023, September the 17th


The Grandfather of Green Architecture - La Repubblica
2023, October the 27th


In/Arch - Lifetime Achievement Award 2023 

2023, November the 7th


Emilio Ambasz and the solid pact with the nature - Il Sole 24Ore
2023, November the 26th


Honorary Degree in Systemic Design - Polytechnic University Turin 

2023, November the 30th

PIN UP 35 - Fall/Winter 2023/24
Emilio Ambasz - interview by Michael Bullock

Emilio Ambasz - The New Website is born 

2024, February the 5th

GREEN OVER GRAY - Emilio Ambasz | Film created by Muse Factory of Projects 

2024, February the 22nd

LA REPUBBLICA - Milano Design Film Festival | Green Over the Gray 

2024, March 7th

ROLLING STONE - Milano Design Film Festival | Green Over the Gray 

2024, March 7th

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