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Can I have your permission to use images about your projects?


You can use all the images about the projects published on our website, for academic or educational purposes, excluding any commercial use.

Can i have more information and/or Images about a project of yours?

You can find all the information and pictures about our projects on our website, we are unable to provide you with any additional documentation.

I am an architecture student and i would like more details about a project of yours, can you send me more information about the materials you have used, floor plans, additional images and so on?


Unfortunately, due to the large amount of similar emails that we receive daily, we are unable to send a personal response to all requests. You can find all the information about the projects on our website and by carrying out a search on the internet.


I am a professional photographer, can i have your permission to take a few pictures of a project of yours?

With regard to the project Casa de Retiro Espiritual it is not possible, as well as it is for many other projects.

I would like to visit in person your "Casa de Retiro Espiritual", is it possible?

The owners have decided not to allow any kind of visits.

I am an architect / architecture student can i send you a job / internship application?

Thank you for your interest but we are not considering new hires, therefore speculative applications

will not be considered.

Where can i purchase one of the products designed by Mr. Ambasz and/or to find more information about?

Please address all questions regarding products designed by Mr. Ambasz to their manufacturers / retailers.

As we are unable to provide you with their contact details, please carry out your search on the internet.


Please kindly avoid to send us advertisement emails and any other unsolicited marketing proposals,

as they will not be considered.

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