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Vertebra II builds upon the epic success of Vertebra I, the world’s first automatically adjustable office chair, introduced in June 1976. Vertebra made history generating a whole way of understanding the process of seating, as well as giving rise to a whole new industry. The office seating system Vertebra II answers organically to the office workers needs for comfort in a working environment where he/ she spend almost a third of their life. Since people remain rarely seated in the same position for more than 8 to 10 minutes, Vertebra II has been designed to follow the user automatically, without any need for adjusting buttons, mechanisms, or levers. By bending both forward and backward the chair follows the user’s body demands as he often changes from one position to another. Building on the premise that the ideal chair is that which goes unnoticed, Vertebra changes its shape in a gentle manner. When the user relaxes the seat moves forward and the backrest follows the body as it displaces itself toward the front.


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