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The Design Solution is based on a simple but very strong visual and functional concept: the CROSS. At that cross come together the chair’s legs, the support for the backrest, the support for the armrest and writing tablet, the ganging connectors, the stacking bumpers, and the beam supporting the seat. That cross is also the key point onto which elements can be added later, after the chair has been bought, such as arms and writing tablets. The user must be able to acquire and install these accessories after having purchased the chair. An important feature of this chair is that the backrest can flex backwards, supporting the user in both, the relaxed position when listening to a lecture, or an erect one, when writing notes. The cross is the symbol of the chair’s multifunction mission; reduced to a minimum, it is a design tour de force. The structure is made of aluminum, c shaped in section, die-cast. The flexing backrest is made in ABS plastic. The tilt-up seat is produced also in ABS. Stacker is a range of chairs to be used by the general public for periods of time ranging from 15 minutes to 2-3 hours, in schools, waiting areas, auditoria, offices, and factories. This typology of chair must stack vertically for storage and gang safely in rows. Moreover, to sharpen its competitive edge, the seat of this type of chair must be able to tilt up vertically. This allows increasing the number of rows by reducing the distance between rows, while facilitating the passage of people entering or leaving the rows. Furthermore, this type of chair also needs to be equipped with a writing tablet, for either left or right-handed users. This writing tablet must tilt up to allow the user to get up or sit down, while at the same time, it must also be able to collapse automatically out of the way in case of a panic.


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