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The redesign of fourteen kilometers of beachfront along the northeastern coast of Italy proposes to recover the myth of Rimini as an elegant seaside resort. A shaded garden promenade, or Green Dune, greatly increases the width of the existing planted walkway and runs the length of the beachfront, offering unobstructed views of the sea. The raised promenade creates a public park in which freshwater pools, bars, and cafes operate around the clock, four seasons a year. Beneath the seaward edge of this garden promenade, beach-related functions and service areas are located, visible and accessible only from the beach. It has gentle ramps which extend to give direct access to the beach, connecting the town to the water. Piers project into the sea, continuing important avenues of the town across the beach and into the water. At the far end of each pier is a floating pavilion that accommodates additional concessions and serves as a sunning platform during the mild seasons. Once out at sea, the view of the city and the hills behind is enhanced by the green frame of the garden promenade.


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