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This project takes into account the fact that Monte Carlo has gradually lost all its greenery except for some precious and extremely well tended spots. This project intends to give to Monaco a 5 hectare park plus another 5 hectares of today now existing land for residential and hotel construction. This land would be reclaimed from the sea by a very economical device. The present port of Monaco is approximately 18 meters deep and a dam made of earth cement of this depth would be constructed. This would create the 10 hectare area. The dam itself would contain parking facilities as well as a road on top to improve the present design of the Formula 1 car races. Along this road on top of the dam, there would be temporary sitting for the Formula 1 spectators. All construction would be on an open air, but below the level of Avenue Albert 1. Seven stories high apartments and hotels with deep gardened terraces would be built facing a park adorned with ponds and playgrounds. This idea has been carefully calculated by the project’s Dutch engineering team members, who are the world’s most experienced specialists in dam construction. The land thusly recovered is land created anew since it is gained from the sea. The cost of recovering the land is still lower than the cost of the no longer existing downtown land. This project can be built without engaging in the very expensive and extremely time consuming process of gaining land by creating an artificial peninsula. The cost of the resulting residences is not any higher than those of any other residences recently built in the area and the social advantage of having an amenity such as a park would certainly be appreciated by a densely populated citizenry.


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