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Named for the Egyptian god, this range of low-voltage, high-range wattage spotlights utilizes a blend of two different small, quartz-halogen lamps as its low-consumption, low-heat-load light source. Able to rotate 360 degrees on its vertical axis, the design is also based on the fact that the intersection of a semi-spherical volume cut two times with a plane generates perfect circles. As the circles are turned against each other, a movement from zero to ninety degrees is described. Oseris works as a system with a comprehensive and expandable collection of accessories including: ceiling mounts, flood lenses, honeycomb screens, infra-red reflector filters, multi-groove baffles, sculpture lenses, fixing rings for both colored-glass filters and anti-dazzle cylinders. Optimal alignment is aided by the scales imprinted on the fixture, allowing precise illumination when multiple units are placed in a row, as in fine art installations.


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