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Two towers containing residential and office spaces. The design of these two towers, inspired by the surrounding orography sought to integrate its profiles into that of its mountainous surrounding landscape.The residential units, comprising mostly three and four bedrooms, open onto very deep balconies or terraces. This serves to not only to shade the building but also provides covered open spaces for dining and living “al fresco” as is the costume of Monterrey inhabitants. These ample open spaces also allow for cultivating plants in large pots that further aid in combating the harsh climate of this area. Moreover, the balconies are further shaded by means of planting growing on shelving running parallel along the building’s edge at one meter of vertical distance from each other. The three large façades that the buildings’ triangular plans offer provide an independent entrance for the residential apartments on the triangles’ longer side while on the other two sides there are a number of separate entrances to the office floors. This arrangement allows each of the office tenants to have their own independent entrance on the ground floor and thus their own address plus their own reception personnel as well as separate waiting and conference areas on the mezzanine floors.

Associate Architect: Fabio Mariani


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