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The program for Barletta given to Ambasz did not contemplate the restructuring of the old historical center. The master plan had to solely propose a tourist settlement along ten kilometers of coast to be coupled by commercial and residential development. It was one of Ambasz’ primordial goals that the project be a green project as far as the newer areas were concerned. Going beyond his brief, Ambasz redesigned the town center with an emphasis of recovering pedestrian access to the sea, which had been taken away by truck roadways leading to the port. To do this he took advantage of an abandoned railroad track placed on a deep trench. The trucks are directed to travel along this trench and the trench to be roofed over with greenery. To allow for natural ventilation one side of the tunnel has large window like openings. Whenever a level occurred, or a street has to be crossed, a series of "wide green bridges" have been devised so as to not interrupt the flow of the green park. In order to further enhance the quality of some derelict areas of the old historical town a high level promenade was created in the form of a pergola shaded belvedere like street. A wide coastal avenue that inhibited the access of the citizens of Barletta to the beaches was covered with trees and transformed into parking places, thusly turning a seldom frequented beach resort into an adornment to the city and a enjoyable place. Open areas that had been abandoned and turned into abusive little orchards were turned into a very lively park, with sporting facilities, and an open-air auditorium. In all cases, parking was provided above ground but covered with earth berms so that no building is visible and no land is forfeited. The newer development for the tourists and residential settlement answers to Ambasz’ design principle that the buildings should be so integrated into the landscape that they are invisible to their neighbors and that their gardens be connected to the roofs by means of easily walkable earth ramps. This device will maintain almost all of the Mediterranean type vegetation presently growing in the area. Provisions are being made to utilize the value added to the land to finance annual maintenance and improvements.


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