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ITALY (1998)

In designing the new Marina for Bellaria, one of Italy’s most frequented shores, Emilio Ambasz further developed those principles which have successfully guided other designs destined to improve the environmental quality of beach resorts, such as the nearby beach of Rimini, or the tourist center in Castellaneta sul Mare, in Puglia. This approach – which substantially consists of returning, in the form of gardens, every square inch of earth which has been subtracted to nature by the building’s footprint – translates itself, in this specific case of Bellaria, into the design of a generous vegetation-covered “roof”, which hides under such a plane all the necessary facilities for a marina, such as parking, boat moorings, repair shops, restaurants and clubs. This “roof” is like an embroidered, undulating carpet. It extends from the edge of the residential area towards the port. This roof/garden’s skyline resembles the wavy surface of the sea, towards which it offers a belvedere. Located near a remarkable maritime colony for children built in the 30’s, this variegated garden fits panoramically the vision of a marina while at the same time offering it a verdant terrace.


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