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This line of chairs &Myers similar advantages to those of Stacker, that is to say it stacks and gangs, but with a lower cost, by using a steel tube structure, made svelte by turning the continuous section tube into a long cone, further strengthened structurally by dimpling it lengthwise. This last feature enriches visually a plain tube with unexpected shadows and reflections usually associated only with molded and more costly aluminum pieces. The backrest, as is the designer's signature pursuit throughout his career, supports the back by pivoting in the position corresponding to the vertebral column's middle point thereby avoiding the abdominal muscle tension resulting in other chairs from pivoting the backrest at its lower end, where it meets the seat. Scissor can be obtained in a folding version, acknowledged as a design challenge in a steel tube structure, with a seat that lifts up, before folding fully coplanar with the backrest and the structure. The fact that the seat can lift up allows an easier exit from a row of chairs, thus allowing a shorter distance between rows while meeting emergency exit codes. The backrest's tilting is enabled by a spring loaded pivot and the seat can be lifted up by its supporting brackets turning on the curvilinear beam connecting the legs under the seat.


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