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The Portable Desktop is based on the concept of having a basic infrastructure of connectors housed in a one size fits all container. In this single sized container the components can be changed, added or subtracted at will by the user. The container would remain the same in outer size regardless of whether the screen is 12” or 16” diagonal. The user can initially purchase the system without, for example, a DVD and when he decides to acquire it, it would then occupy an empty slot. By this approach, it is hoped to greatly reduce the costs not only of manufacturing, but also of updating the equipment on the users part.A very distinctive feature of this design is that the height of the screen can be adjusted to fit the requirements of the user, thereby eliminating one of the problems of present day portable laptops. By this device the laptop becomes truly a portable desktop. The container is made of a smoked tinted transparent acrylic. When the container is closed the box is black and non-transparent. When the cover is open, its transparency becomes evident. Moreover, a system of lights illuminates the outer edge of the screen making it much easier on the eyes.The keyboard is a wireless folded device, which fits neatly inside the container when closed, and can be used at some distance from the computer when opened. A handheld PC device fits inside the container, but its edge is visible when carried in a bag so that the user can observe if there is a message for him. At that moment, he only needs to press the small visible eject button on the containers edge that releases the handheld computer. This handheld PC device will double in the near future also as a GSM portable telephone.


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