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Power stations can be considered one of the greatest anomalies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries for they provide power that is vital to every aspect of our everyday lives but often appear as blights upon the landscape, viewed universally as adversaries of the environment. In an attempt to overcome the negative public image of the power station in Hekinen, Emilio Ambasz has invented a new look for this building which makes it appear both inviting and 'environmentally friendly.' A simple veil of cables and wire mesh extends above the roof line in a series of peaks behind which landscaped planters are attached to the entire façade. The ultimate effect is that of a verdant hillside shimmering in the breeze. Three high smoke stacks stand between the main power plant and the harbor and Ambasz infills the diagonal mainstays with wire mesh to create the appearance of a great mountain upon the horizon, appearing softly beyond the green hillside that veils the main plant. As smoke wafts gently from the stacks, the effect is like a gentle cloud embracing the top of the mountain. The original buildings are not changed structurally in any way and for minimal expense a major transformation has occurred which visually benefits the entire community.


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