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'Barbie Knoll,' commissioned by Mattel for an international traveling exhibition, was conceived by Emilio Ambasz as an ultimate commemoration of the Barbie doll. 'Barbie Knoll' is the ecological embodiment of the 'Barbie Doll,' the transformation through the years to the ultimate icon. It rests partially visible in the meadow like a half-covered ancient Greek statue, immersed in greenery having become an integral part of the primordial garden itself. Families visiting 'Barbie Knoll' arrive at a sacred entry courtyard reminiscent of a Greek temple. Passing through this open-air entry court, visitors arrive inside a grand exhibition space where each column is a large scale Barbie sculpture showcasing the evolution of Barbie herself. The grand interior space is a permanent display exhibition showcasing the history of Barbie for children and adults to see and enjoy. As children pass beyond the grand exhibition space to the outdoors, they finally see 'Barbie Knoll' silhouetted on the horizon, covered in grass and wildflowers. Children can climb upon her, tumbling and playing, making her become not only an ageless symbol of youth but an enchanted playground. Lying protected in a green, outdoor courtyard, Barbie lies resting in the sun, an icon to the happiest times of days gone by and days to come.


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